5k Orchard Run

After two years, Rob has returned to the blogosphere!  Lots has happened – found lurv, moved states, and changed sports.  It’s been a long time trying to get going on running, but signing up for a local 5k was a good catalyst for getting out there more often.

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My Cycling Goal for 2015

On a recent ride me and some friends lamented the dearth of ride choices caused by our being located in a major city on the water.  From Boston there are essentially two options most take – southwest to the Dover area or northwest to Concord.  The unfortunate presence of the Massachusetts Bay to the east precludes any rides in that direction, speaking on the most basic geographic terms.  It’s not that there isn’t quality riding or many variations of those routes, but in my perception there is little room for a landmark ride in the Metro Boston area.

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On the Buildup to My Cycling Season

Leave the snow riding to the pros, I say.  Photo by Graham Watson via VeloNews
Leave the snow riding to the pros, I say. Photo by Graham Watson via VeloNews

To say that this winter weather in the Northeast hasn’t been conducive to outdoor sports training is a bit of an understatement.  Invites have landed in my inbox from people that were riding well into January and in hindsight calling it quits on riding back in November might have been a mistake.  It remains to be seen how long it will be until the road shoulder is visible, let alone clean enough to ride on, and hence the potential magnitude of this mistake has not been established.  This past weekend marks the one-year anniversary of the first time I ventured forth after an eleven-month break from riding (not training, riding) and I went on to have my best-ever season in terms of conditioning and mileage.  My hopes are still high for this year and delaying my start outdoors by a few weeks won’t affect the ultimate outcome.  Meanwhile, I am rediscovering the joys of indoor training.

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