Head of the Charles Regatta 2015

Fall in Boston – colorful foliage, apple picking, seasonal beer, and the Head of the Charles Regatta.

Rowing runs deep in our family – living close to the Charles River and being vaguely athletically inclined makes a combination of the two logical. Obviously I’m more into road cycling but my weight is at the upper end of the ‘lightweight’ category so it would be a good idea to try rowing at some point. In the absence of personal involvement, my inclination towards photography leads me to document some races my family are in. Typically photo duties fall to my dad, as I do not attend many of my sisters’ regattas. However, this is THE regatta to spectate and record for posterity.

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My Film Processing Setup

Paterson Universal Tank, Samigon reel, thermometer, nitrile gloves
Paterson Universal Tank, Samigon reel, thermometer, nitrile gloves

When I started shooting film again my developing was done right where we all left off almost ten years ago – the local drug store.  That lasted about three weeks until me and my dad grew tired of the inconvenience of heading into town and back, even if the results were acceptable.  As we moved on to professional film emulsions and medium format, it became more of a necessity to home develop our rolls.  Fortunately the Dalgarno abode is blessed with a disused soapstone sink in the basement, presumably for doing laundry before the proliferation of automatic washing machines.  After a quick trip to the Home Depot for a laundry mixer tap fitting and some surreptitious acquisitions of unneeded lab equipment we were all set for our first adventure in color film.

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“Darkroom Day” at LaPete Labs

Yesterday I threatened to make a post about the meetup at LaPete Labs, so here we are.

Analog photography is entirely possible without a darkroom – a fact that enables my continued efforts at film processing– but other tasks simply cannot be done within a light-tight changing bag.  Enlarging and printing photographs is one of them.  The paper used is sensitive to light and it remains so through the entire process up until chemical fixing.  However, one still needs to see what they are doing so unlike film loading some light is required.  Cleverer people than I solved this paradox by designing paper sensitive to the yellow-blue range of light and providing illumination with a red safelight.  I spent hours in the safelit gloom last Sunday, along with several fellow dedicated meetup members.

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Analog Photography in Boston

Olympus XA, CineStill 50D
Olympus XA, CineStill 50D

Looking at the post dates it’s been a while since I last gave an update on what I’m up to.  In Boston the weather just reached a state of full conductivity to riding, meaning no extra cold weather clothing on top of/below your kit is necessary.  My first ride outdoors was in the second week of March and I’ve built up my form pretty well, which can be observed if one regularly checks the Strava widget on the sidebar.  One needs to create a free Strava account to view all of my history easily, though individual rides can be googled.  But that’s not the point of this post – what I’m going to write about is my analog photography.

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