5k Orchard Run

After two years, Rob has returned to the blogosphere!  Lots has happened – found lurv, moved states, and changed sports.  It’s been a long time trying to get going on running, but signing up for a local 5k was a good catalyst for getting out there more often.

The 5k Orchard Run is a very fitting name – we ran for 5 kilometers through Butler’s Orchard in Germantown, Maryland.  The parcours was fairly tough, given that it was both gravel farm tracks and hilly.  Due to timing system technical difficulties, the start was put back by 30 minutes, and with temperatures in the low forties my expectations of my frigid legs were set low.

But somehow I paced myself through the event without walk-running and am very satisfied with how it went!   My low goal of running a sub-30 minute 5k on the unknown terrain was exceeded with a 28m21s, ~9:09/mi time.

Many things to cover, but I hope to update more regularly…




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