Head of the Charles Regatta 2015

Fall in Boston – colorful foliage, apple picking, seasonal beer, and the Head of the Charles Regatta.

Rowing runs deep in our family – living close to the Charles River and being vaguely athletically inclined makes a combination of the two logical. Obviously I’m more into road cycling but my weight is at the upper end of the ‘lightweight’ category so it would be a good idea to try rowing at some point. In the absence of personal involvement, my inclination towards photography leads me to document some races my family are in. Typically photo duties fall to my dad, as I do not attend many of my sisters’ regattas. However, this is THE regatta to spectate and record for posterity.

Chronicling its history is best left to someone with more knowledge of the sport than me (or Wikipedia), but the Head of the Charles has been run on the penultimate weekend of October since the inaugural event in 1964. It includes more boats than seems logistically plausible, with the number of entries passing 2000 this year. Out of the 60-plus events two were of concern to me – my mom’s cousin was rowing in the men’s senior master eights and my sister was the coxswain (steersman) of her school’s entry in the women’s lightweight collegiate eights. Both events were streamed online, but given the sheer number of entries in each event over the two days coverage of each boat is pretty limited. The best way to follow along is to bike alongside the river; however that doesn’t work well for taking pictures. Situating yourself with a camera on one of the many footbridges along the course limits how much you see of each boat, but the drama and exertion of the rowers is palpable as they pass beneath you.

These aren’t pictures of my family, mostly since they don’t like having their rowing form analyzed! In between documenting my cousin’s event I tried to capture the general atmosphere. As mentioned in my last post, these thumbnails should click through to the gallery on my piwigo site. A link to that subdomain is also in the sidebar.


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